Henry & Glenn Forever = best comic ever

OMG, just spotted this Henry Rollins/Glenn Danzing fanfic-disguised-as-a-comic on the Urban Outfitters blog. I know Papa Hank is an open minded fella but I’d still love to know how he feels about this. Henry & Glenn Forever is the brainchild of Tom Neely and features our boys as ‘roomies’ who live next door to Hall & Oates… I just… I mean… how could this be any better? Released by Cantankerous Titles, it’s billed as featuring ‘ultra-metal violence and cryfest diary entries, cringing self-doubt and mega-hilarious emo-meltdowns.”

Henry is quoted on the back cover as saying, “Has Glenn seen this? Trust me, he would not be impressed…” which saddens me somewhat but considering I’m a staunch supporter of WWHRD too;

…I think he’d let me off for enjoying it. Buy it here for a mere $4.

PS Is it just me or does Glenn look like Alice Cooper?

PPS Fellow Henners devotees should direct themselves to Hello Henry, a site I have shamefully only just discovered. Full of fantastic Henry nuggets and lols!

7 thoughts on “Henry & Glenn Forever = best comic ever

    1. You have so many Henry things I have never seen and I DARE to call myself a fan?? I need to spend all afternoon catching up on what I’ve missed…

  1. haha thats beyond exellent. I saw him in January on the recent tour and was trying not to be disgustingly fangirl next to my BOYFRIEND haha.

    1. we saw him then too! In London? Me and my boyfriend have seen him so many times there’s hiding my fangirl. I definitely shed a tear when he announced he now had a girlfriend 😦

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