Beauty and the Beast: Anatomicals and bad puns

There’s very little I enjoy more than a witty/corny/awful headline or pun. It’s one of the main reasons I went into journalism. I often get upset that I’m not as hilarious as my dearest darling Harriet who can always be relied upon to think of obscure but relevant lines and who recently attempted to call a feature on maxi dresses ‘Me love you long time’. The famous glossy she works for vetoed that one. Pub quiz names are another example and if I’m being honest, I think being called ‘Dior going home in a fucking ambulance’ is what won us the Fashionable Pub Quiz.

This childish love of wordplay is what attracts me to Anatomicals, the bargain beauty range which never ceases to amaze with its new product lines. I’m still not entirely sold on how good they are, but how can you not love a company with products called: Cheese release me [deodorised foot cream, obvo], Day cream believer [moisturiser] and £6? Well, that’s inflation for you [inflatable bath pillow… and also winner of the most bizarre product name ever]…

Anyway, the Anatomicals folk have just added to their loltimes range with some new tote bags. They don’t have hilarious names but they do have amazing illustrations and typically abstract annotations. They cost a mere £1 and I have been using a selection of them to lug all the shit I’ve accumulated over the past 2.5 years home from this soon to be empty desk… Sturdy is the wordy.

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