StyleMixer is the best thing ever

I’ve written about the Style Mixer before, but I had a moment of blind panic earlier this morning and couldn’t remember its name, so I’m writing about it again for prosperity. If you’re an artist, designer or just someone who lacks inspiration in your day to day life, Mario Milizia‘s wheel of fortune is the toy for you.

The two disks each feature a huge array (tried to count, head hurt) of design movements which when spun together create over 15,000 new style combinations. As I said last time I wrote about it, we had to use this in a project at university which lead to me designing a collection called ‘Flamenco horror — it was every bit as predictable as you can imagine. Today’s top five:

Rustic Biedermeier

Gothic Dub

Pre Chic

Directoire Polka

Monumental Retro

Amazing! All of them! I feel like doing something already.

You can play with it online here or print out and make your own with this full-size template. It’s just a fun little doodad  that I like to amuse myself with now and then, good for getting a bit of inspiration, like. I might throw a Style Mixer costume party, how about that?


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