Love lobster print

I’ve got into a bad habit of taking sneaky photos of people on my phone. It started with that woman in the incredible vest the other week (speaking of which, RIP Ronnie James Dio, you are much missed), then at KISS I spent most of the night taking stealth shots of people’s amazing outfits. Now this;

Sorry girl, but that lobster dress was too good not to share. I’m guessing it’s vintage but the cut actually looked pretty modern so… anyone got any ideas?

PS Sorry for no posts, it’s been a long, long birthday weekend complete with blood, guts and lots of rock and roll.

Edited to add…

Well, that was easy. My dear pal Kristina just informed me the dress is from Anthropologie. Makes sense I guess, me and the woman in question were both getting the bus outside the store armed with bags from within… the only thing that doesn’t make sense is that she then spent the entire bus journey talking about not being able to pay her rent. Don’t buy a dress that costs £118? Nah, I’ve been there. It’s always worth getting the dress. Rent can always wait. Next question: is it worth me waiting for Vegas to buy it for a little less or should I just spaff the bday cash?

4 thoughts on “Love lobster print

    1. Kristina! You are amazing. The weird thing is, we both had Anthro bags and were both getting the bus from outside the Regent St store… Amazing, ty!

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