Topshop takes on the 1920s

Following on from my last post, I just wanted to quickly post this totally flapper-esque Topshop dress which I saw this morning. It’s part of their ‘exclusive’ collection and I think it’s absolutely awesome. Shame drop waists don’t suit me in any way, shape or form because otherwise I’d be snapping this bad boy up.

Zig Zag Bead Shift Dress, £130, Topshop

Funnily enough, after watching Gatsby this morning I was browsing one of my favourite vintage archive sites for swooning purposes and came across this dress from c.1926. I see you Topshop, I see you.

One thought on “Topshop takes on the 1920s

  1. I was just about to say ‘RIGHT. I want THIS for those weddings this summer!’ Then i go to the website and it’s sold out in my size. Gutted.

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