Style icons: The Great Gatsby 1974

I have a glorious four day weekend to look forward to, so I’m kicking things off in style with a viewing of the 1974 movie remake of the Great Gatsby. This film is generally regarded as utter shit and I’m afraid to say I sort of agree.

As a dedicated Fitzgerald nut, it’s a little painful to watch. The acting is as wooden as the Armada and although Francis Ford Coppola’s script is unfailingly faithful to the book, the film still falls flat. It’s cornily melodramatic in all the wrong places and Mia Farrow in particular is a true disappointment. Like, she can’t deliver a line to save her life. I don’t know if there’s perhaps something wrong with her? I quite like Sam Waterston as Nick though, he does a lovely job and Robert Redford is alright at Gatsby although his eyes scare me.

However… Since when has a film being shit got in the way of me enjoying it? I revel in awful movies and when they look as beautiful as this, who can complain really? You know how vintage shops are full of 1980s does 1950s dresses from C&A? They look the part but on closer inspection the print is all wrong and the bodice isn’t cut right? Well this is a severe case of 1970s does 20s. I mean obviously that’s technically what it is, but for a 1920s geek such as myself there are some really cheesy embarrassing bits – powdery coral lipstick and plastic earrings… Mmm, is this a 1970s fancy dress party? Everyone in sequined headbands and bobs, even if they’re pensioners? Polyester suits? Hmm.

Still, nothing wrong with a little 20s pastiche and it who can blame them for getting carried away with the fancy dress? It’s gloriously OTT and even if it does have that 70s Vaseline lens thing going on, I can’t get enough of it.

Perfect day off viewing and now… on to the screencaps. Pic heavy, so much so I used a cut. Read on, enjoy and don’t forget to click for bigger pictures which will help you see some of the great details.

Here we go with a scene-setting party. Look at those Charleston legs in action!

Here’s poor Myrtle Wilson in her fancy party frock, shortly before dastardly Tom knocks her around. Boo hiss, I hate you Tom.

The Great Gatsby 1974 F Scott Fitzgerald Catherine

This is Myrtle’s sister Catherine. In the book she’s a typical flapper and I love how they chose to costume her in a bit of an exotica outfit with all the bangles and embroidery.

Keep reading to see a hell of a lot more pictures…

Token dog shot

Here’s a tasteful Gatsby afternoon party. Look at all those marvelous hats!

Golf superstar Jordan Baker in action. Is there anything better than women’s 1920s golfwear? No, no there isn’t.

Token golf shoe shot. This brogue appreciation goes out to my girl Iso.

Ah, here she is. Mia ‘can’t deliver a line’ Farrow as Daisy. Shame she’s so shit in this film because a) best hats I’ve ever seen on screen b) perfect hair and c) nice parrot brooch.

Here’s the crooked Mr Wolfsheim with his teeth cuff links. Someone needs to make these. Who am I kidding? They must exist already.

Fabulous party scene, of course.

Flapper in action showing off the rolled stocking trend. Nice to see this attention to detail but, uhm, aren’t they meant to below the knee? Isn’t that the point?

All the smart set know a twin is the best accessory you can have at a party.

Jordan definitely has the best wardrobe in the film.

Are you serious? You still use a shower cap? Dude, all the best people wear a silk scarf in the bath, get to it.

Another fantastic hat for Daisy. Fun fact! Mia Farrow was pregnant during the filming so they made Daisy wear all these floaty kaftans and diaphanous gowns instead of dropped waist flapper frocks. Not quite how you imagine Daisy and proof further of why you shouldn’t have kids.

Jordan and Daisy pootling along in stylish rainwear and matching hats. Note to self; I want a rain cap. Aquascutum, perhaps?

Spectacular final party scene, that feather and sequin drape is the most… just… In the wrong hands it could look like a drag queen’s dressing gown but the way it moves and clings ensure it’s elegant not OTT. Sequined caps, obviously, amazing.

Here’s crazy Daisy after ‘everything’ has happened. Even though she’s an evil nutter, I give credit to this dusky velvet and fur creation. If I was an English A-level student I’d analysis the shit out of the relevance of this outfit.

Finally, let’s just admire Gatsby’s pool. Yeah, we all know that some bad shit goes down here but isn’t it dreamy? Man I can’t wait to be in Las Vegas in approximately three weeks.

9 thoughts on “Style icons: The Great Gatsby 1974

      1. Matthew Goode springs to mind, as Nick of course, but only because he’s in every period drama ever and I’m unimaginative. There’s a “The Great Gatsby (2012)” listed on imdb though!

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