Pastel-coloured treats from Kandee Shoes

Quite often the brands with the worse names make the best things. Take, for instance, Kendi Jewelz. I mean really now. What kind of a name is that? A stupid one, that’s what. Still, amazing name necklaces.

The latest awful name/great line I’ve come across is Kandee Shoes. I can’t get a cutesy name no matter who’s behind it, but maybe I’ll make an exception for these a-mazing creations. Unf unf unf.

They’re all named after sweets… obviously. The last pair of wedges is called the Refresher which is excellent, although if they had a bit of red in them they’d be perfect. The absolute perfection is the Dolly Mix yellow and pink wedge. Not only are Dolly Mix my favourite sweets ever, but those pastels in that combination… it’s the dream.

You can buy all the Kandee Shoes here and if you tippity tap ‘IWANTKANDEE’ in at the checkout, you’ll get 10% off your order. You’re welcome.

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