I can’t believe that anyone would want to do such a terrible thing

I somehow completely forget to tell you that this week I’m guest blogging for the marvelous Nothing Bad Magazine Blog!

Nothing Bad is the brainchild of the brilliant Katie Coleslaw and the equally excellent Georgina Bacchus and I’m super excited (and honestly honoured, omg you guys) to be their first guest blogger. You can read my ramblings here on the Nothing Bad blog; thanks folks, I’ll be here all week. If you like what I do here, it’s more of the same old shit.

I’ve also been interviewing a few people for the site… Interviews appearing over the next week or so. Again, if you like the kind of bumf I write about, you’ll no doubt enjoy it.

Mates’ rates aside, you should genuinely bookmark Nothing Bad anyway. It is (in the words of my dearest boy Mark) a hoot and a half.

[Pic: A spread from issue no. 1 of Nothing Bad, styled by Georgina.]

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