Andrew WK x The Evaporators

Andrew WK // The Evaporators, A Wild Pear!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I’ve just today started a new job and well, you’ve seen what the weather’s like. Hopefully some semblance of normality will resume soon.

For now, I suggest you pick up this 7″ that I got at the weekend. I guess I’m not quite the dedicated AWK fan I once was, as this apparently came out last summer and I only just stumbled across it. Still, better late than never. The Evaporators are amazing too, a great new discovery that I’m ashamed to have only just heard. It’s an awesome record anyway, just the thing for jumping around a hot flat to after surviving the first day of a new job…

In other vinyl news, Mr Fur Coat bought me the 3D Off The Bone vinyl for my birthday. I have wanted it for years upon years so I am a very happy gal right about now. This beast is harder to find than you’d imagine but good old Vinyl Exchange came up trumps.


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