Bright pink maxi skirts

Chiffon Maxi Skirt, £45, ASOS

When I was about 16 I went on a weekend shopping trip to Sheffield’s shopping Mecca, Meadowhall with my friend Sarah and her younger neighbour Kerri, who I guess we were babysitting. She was only a couple of years younger and already shaping up to be one of the coolest teenagers on the planet. We actually wound up working a weekend job together a few years down the line and becoming pretty tight — I fondly remember her Alkaline Trio MSN screen names and the dumb nights we had dancing at Corp together.

On this particular shopping trip, Kerri and I remember went into Bay Trading on a whim and ended up buying matching skirts. It was a floor-length, circle-skirted ballroom number in baby pink satin and cost the princely sum of 99p. I used to wear it with (very Prada SS10 actually) Perspex and silver heels and a crop top and think (quite rightly?) I was the dog’s bollocks.

Somewhere along the line, that skirt got lost. Probably in one of my utterly regretful wardrobe clearouts, along with the leather pencil skirt collection and my selection of dirndls.

When I saw this ASOS skirt my heart beat a little faster because in my brain it works as a sort of age-appropriate replacement. I don’t think I could carry off baby pink satin as well as I did when I was a young slip of a 16 year old; somehow coral chiffon seems a bit more suitable but it still maintains the romance, maxi length and full movement that made me fall in love with my 99p Bay Trading original. I think it’d work just as well with (lol alert) a sleeveless old band shirt (lol over) as it would with something gold and sequined for a bit of a Zelda Fitzgerald doing her ballet bit feel.

(sorry for the photo of a photo, but I love Zelda’s outfit here)

Tenuous Zelda link: you should all join GoodReads. My link is over on the right or you can just search me as furcoat. See how boring my reading list is (if you think my writing’s predictable, wail until you see what I’m reading), share your own reviews and even update people on your page progression — seriously, love that function. I only just joined so I’m still updating my ‘read’ section with the books on my nearest bookshelf but I’m already addicted and it would be neat to see what the rest of you are reading.

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