Vintage nautical trousers from Betty Barclay

I wrote a while ago about some Betty Barclay palazzo trousers that I bought accidentally, under the illusion they were a maxi skirt. It was a happy mistake though, because I figured they’d be perfect for wearing around the pool on holiday. With holidays in mind, it’s only ten days until I go to Las Vegas [I KNOW] so it’s a reasonable enough time to start thinking about wardrobing the event.

I decided to wear the aforementioned Betty Barclay trousers today, partly to see if they fitted OK and also because lounging around the house on a Bank Holiday Monday calls for comfort. I’ve gone all out on the nautical theme as you can see, wearing the pants with my Topshop does Balmain shoulder pad stripey jumper. I like nothing more than dressing in costume.

Check that bad boy print out! True fact, I just typed ‘bad bouy’. I can’t help but pun, it just comes out of my fingers naturally.

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