God save Gaggle

I suppose it’s kind of weird that one of my BA coursemates is now a member of one of the most talked about groups on the planet, but then after spending three years in the company of the magnificent SchwaChild, nothing is much of a surprise… Creative genius in every sense of the word.

I don’t go in for music journalism on here but I’m sure it’s evident to anyone with ears that Gaggle are unlike any band you’ve heard. It’s been amazing to see them grow and get more and more successful since finishing and today I was jolly excited when it popped up on my facebook feed that they’d been featured on Inside Out, the Topshop blog.

Schwa and Angela (who’s another MMU fashion alum) talk about Gaggle’s plans for summer as well as Schwange (see what they did there?), their design label. They design the amazing outfits Gaggle deck themselves in, to give you an idea.

Check out Gaggle’s website here and have a look at this for an idea of the kind of supernatural force we’re dealing with:


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