Divas Las Vegas: the best show on the strip?

I’m back, although more in body than mind. Drinking a cocktail boot of piña colada then sleeping in the sun hours before getting on a plane does do funny things to the mind…

It’s impossible to pick a highlight of such an awesome trip but one of the many would have to be our trip to Divas Las Vegas, the all singing, all dancing ‘female impersonator’ show headed up by the amazing Frank Marino – no, not that one.

The show consists of spectacular drag renditions of too many divas to mention, including my beloved Cher. I was gutted that the woman, the legend had taken time out from her Las Vegas residency during the week that we were in town, but Steven Wayne’s rendition more than made up for it. He also appeared as Celine Sealion Dion in one of the funniest, most astute tributes I’ve ever seen in my life, but Celine’s costume is nothing compared to Cher.

Filming is banned, so there’s not much to show. Sadly no Cher, but I did find this beauty. Behold!

I sincerely suggest you see it when you’re in sin city. They also have stellar merch…


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