Bargains from Bonanza

I think it would be fair to say that I spent a large portion of the Vegas trip in souvenir shops. Luckily for me, my girlfriends have similarly bad taste so they didn’t put up too much of an objection to my persistent need to hang out in dollar stores/chemists/hotel gift shops, rubbing my hands with glee at the tat before me.

In fact, after our very grown up and cultural trip to the Grand Canyon, we ended up making an emergency stop at Bonanza – allegedly the biggest souvenir shop in the world. We’d heard a lot about this mystical place but not managed to find it so as we sped past it in a minibus home, it’s safe to say all hell broke loose. Our kindly chauffeur promptly did a U-turn across the highway and dropped us right outside the front door, even offering to wait outside until we’d finished. God bless America.

Here are a couple of my favourite buys, plus one I posted yesterday. I would apologise for the creasing but dude, I just got back from my holiday and have been back at work.

This is probably one of the most hideous things I own, and that’s saying something. It is, however, very glittery and gold. I dunno, they were four for $20 and we decided that was too good a deal to miss. I love the completely awful lettering, the fact they split Las Vegas in to LAS VE GAS for no logical reason, the replicate Las Vegas with a big gold star, the women’s outfits… the complete lack of spacial awareness.

Here’s that Divas Las Vegas shirt in full, ‘signed’ by Frankie Marino’s own fair lips. I’d have bought this even if the show wasn’t the best thing I’d ever seen; look at it! Reminds me of old nail salon window art… obvo.

Just about the most 90s shirt I own. I couldn’t refuse the graphics on this one — combined with the neon felt tip colour and amazingly average renditions of LV’s most famous sites… it was a total no-brainer.


One thought on “Bargains from Bonanza

  1. Never been to Las Vegas but i’ll be sure to stop by a souvenir shop when I do. You made me laugh!!

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