The hunt for the perfect parka

It’s so cold and miserable in England at the moment [a full 20c colder than Vegas, just saying] that all I can think about is the New Look coat of dreams that I eyed up at their A/W press day. To have that furry head to nestle in… would make my cold early morning West Croydon commute more bearable. Sigh.

I guess it’ll be in store in September time, but for now…

Topshop Stud Army Jacket, £65

I do really like this, but I don’t think I can actually justify buying this and the New Look one… although I do have £100 of New Look voucher to burn from the press day…

German Parka, £39.99

Not sure I could comfortably wear army surplus as I wore so much of it in my youth. Oh how I loved my oversized army shirt, made me feel like a true Manics fan when worn with DMs and leopard print leggings. Sigh.

Fishtail Parka with Hood, £89.95

I’m going back up to Manchester in July, so if the surplus longings are still hanging around I might pay a visit to the awesomely cheap store in Oldham St. The last thing I bought there was a sailor jacket with perfect sailor collar and badges, which TWIN stole.


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