Silvia Venturini Fendi’s amazing house

I knew picking up Elle Decoration was a bad idea. I used to buy it regularly in the past for research purposes, but I haven’t read it since I got in to this obsessive nesting frame of mind… Now I spend all my money on cushions and stupid plates, browsing the interiors bible was bound to be a bad idea.

This month’s issue actually wasn’t too bad in terms of additions to my mental dream shopping list, but it did include a great feature on Silvia Venturini Fendi’s house in Ponza – a beautiful island just west of Rome.

Casa Madonna is an absolutely beautiful place; basically my dream holiday home. Silvia is, obviously, part of the Fendi clan and as accessories designer, is the woman responsible for the Fendi Baguette. Her house is nowhere near as ostentatious as you’d think…

Harpers did a similar feature on Casa Madonna last year, and as they have photos online and Elle don’t, here they are.

Just a bit of vintage Fendi, as you do. I have  a huge trunk of my mama’s at home, covered in stickers from her global travels in the 70s. It’s one the list of ‘things that are technically mine but won’t be truly mine until I own a house big enough to fill with shit’.

There’s something about an outdoor kitchen that just makes life seem better. I would love, nay adore, an outdoor kitchen. Speaking of al fresco living, en route to Vegas I was hit with some kind of tiredness hysteria and found this outdoor TV they were advertising the funniest thing I’d seen in a long time. I liked how they demonstrated hosing it down and it still working… man, the 21st century is a mind-fuck.

Beautiful outdoor seating area – there’s also a ‘disco terrace’, apparently.

This beautiful guest bedroom features bedding made out of Fendi scraps!! Can you imagine?? Love the head board thing too – is it called a head board when it’s built into the wall?

Be still my rapidly beating heart. IRL friends will know what this does to me. Turkish fireplace, Sicilian artifacts.

Vintage Rosenthal crockery – now can you see why I get excited about vintage china?? Man, I mean there’s nothing wrong with Ikea but who wouldn’t want to eat a bit of apricot tart or freshly picked orange off this?

I live for the day when I have an outdoor day bed. These ones are imported from India.

Another outdoor eating area.

Secluded terrace which leads off the bedroom… nice breakfast spot.

The kitchen is my absolute favourite room. Elle had better pictures of this, but ho hum. Original 19th century stove and majolica tiles.


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