Style icons: Wildwood, NJ

I love YouTube, obviously. I remember about three years after it had been in existence having a total ‘THIS IS THE POINT OF IT!!!” moment in our flat on Edgware Road. I spent a merry few hours watching TV themes from my youth, Bull Boys adverts, that kind of thing. I think you need an uninterrupted few hours doing that every now and then, there’s no shame in it. YouTube is one of the main reasons the internet is great, and you don’t have to be embarrassed about that, it’s OK. This is another reason the internet is great, but that’s another story.


On the Urban Outfitters blog today, they posted a clip from the 1994 Wildwood, NJ documentary by Carol Weaks-Cassidy and Ruth Leitman. Interestingly, it’s distributed by Ruthless, who also made the Lipstick & Dynamite documentary. Here’s the background;

This film takes you down the shore with an all-woman crew to Wildwood, NJ, the last great American blue-collar seaside carnival town. Wildwood, NJ moves beyond gum-cracking, big hair and press-on nails to look into the souls of women raised on the boardwalks rides, lights and come-ons.

Grandmothers and go-go girls; girls who work as vampires in boardwalk haunted houses. Tween girls stretching out on their first trip without their parents: young, rangy a little drunk on Bud, dukes up, nose open, with a couppla’ bucks to burn.

A Wildwood honeymoon, virginity lost to a boardwalk stranger, fistfights, madness, babies—and no matter what—returning to Wildwood year after year as they grow up and grow old.

This film was shot in 1994 on Super-8 film and synched frame by frame in the early days of non-linear editing.

Oh, it’s such a treat. Just watch it and enjoy it. Then buy it.

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