Agate gems from the Earring Boutique

I’m well aware that agate is fast becoming this year’s owl/robot/wishbone, but as someone with a bonafide interest in geology, these Earring Boutique gems are right up my street.

My pa is really into mines, so when we were kids my brother and I spent a lot of time waist-deep in water in various caverns hundreds of feet below ground in the wiles of Wales. He also had a huge collection of semi-precious stones, which lived in a chest of drawers in the garage. Those drawers are now my dressing table, but I can still remember peering into them as a chab and seeing the carefully arranged piles of gemstones.

Sadly, I didn’t pay enough attention to know if agate really counts as a semi-precious stone, and if it does, whether high street ‘agate’ really counts, but this is one fad I’m happy to get behind. I can’t wait for the dad puns when pop sees these swinging from my ears. Literally, can’t wait.

PS The pink ones look like… well, you can see for yourself. Tee hee.

3 thoughts on “Agate gems from the Earring Boutique

  1. Agreed that agate is a bit of a fashion cliché but it still doesn’t stop the wanting! Those are tresemmé nice, might have to be a copycat and get em.

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