An A-OK treat from Gogo Philip

The Gogo Philip concession in Topshop Oxford Circus is a weird and wonderful place. I’ve written about it before, but the truth is, every time I shop in Topshop’s flagship branch these days, I have to make a quick diversion to Gogo for a cheap and cheerful gold jewellery purchase.

Everything in the Gogo Phillips range appears to be under a tenner – I would say it’s under a fiver, but I don’t want to make any sweeping statements… I’ve never spent more than a fiver there thus far, and have bought earrings, necklaces and bracelets. It’s a strong possibility, but I’d hate to let anyone down so let’s just go with ‘it’s cheap’. Cheap-er than Topshop’s own brand jewellery.

My latest purchase from Gogo Phillips via Topshop is this A-OK necklace. It’s a lot like a GirlProps one I’ve had my eye on for ages but I actually prefer this one. Sorry GP, you know I love you heartily. Reasons I prefer it are: a) I didn’t have to pay postage equal to a big shop in Waitrose, and b) I love the scratchy, etched text.

Another reason to love it is that I say A-OK a lot in emails. I dunno about you guys, but when I email PRs for the day job, I kind of find I write in a way that isn’t truly representative of my speech.

There’s a lot of kind regarding, of course, but also a healthy smattering of ‘love it!’-lexis, which is actually not indicative of my native Sheffield ways. At all. A-OK might not be PR speak, but it’s also something I’d never say in real life. Open that Outlook though, and it’s A-OK Brill Fab Marvo all the way.

This little beaut cost me… actually, I couldn’t say – I went feral in the Topshop sale and this was the sole moment of sanity. It was cheap, anyway.

Gogo Phillips, you’re a mystery to me. Who you are, I don’t know. Why you sell such cheap, tasteful jewellery, I also don’t know. Who your design team are, I might never discover. What I do know is that for about five days of every week, I wear all your gems.

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