Sharon Peake does cat ears

Sharon Peake is one of my favourite hairdressers and it’s always a joy to see her do platform work at the various hair shows I hang out at. She’s friendly, funny and a really good hairdresser. Mancunians, go to Ethos (her salon, doy) and see what I mean, she’s a joy.

Last night I went to Leicester to see a Clynol event, and Lisa was one of the hairdressers on stage. She showed a few looks from her British Hairdressing Awards collection, one of which was this cat creation. I saw a sneak of it when it arrived in the office last week, but seeing IRL was even better. I love it. Want to know what makes it better? Lisa used a fucking kitchen knife to get the shape. See, told you she was an original.

The collection that this image is part of was inspired by trashy animal metamorphosis films – amazing! Obviously the cat creation takes a cue from Cat People, but there’s also an element of punk legend Soo Catwoman. I also get a real Alexander McQueen vibe too – and Lisa isn’t the only hairdresser I’ve seen creating these shapes for next season…

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