Friday Afternoon Disco

Something for the weekend? Don’t worry, there aren’t any of those awful songs about waiting for the weekend, or indeed working for it.


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TIGI does Louise Goldin

Been at a hair do tonight – although I’m working on a fashion feature about the return of straight, I was ECSTATIC to see the Louise Goldin look recreated before my very eyes (above). Regular readers will be aware of my obsession for the Louise Goldin hair from last season – sulky teenager hair, all over one eye and slightly greasy on top. TIGI were the guys behind it, and spent tonight explaining how to get it. I took about 300 photos of the model’s hair and have been studying the lookbook since I got home.

But back to straight – I’m excited for its return. It’s time! Let’s do something new! I love Chloe-style waves and huge curls and big beehives – this isn’t new information. But when it comes to fashion looks, things need to change up seasonally. We’ve had about ten years of lovely bedhead curls, let’s do something different… The poker straight look they demonstrated (up top) was stunning in its simplicity, and I really, really hope this is one trend that makes the transition off the catwalks to the high street.

PS Sorry for the gloomy pics. I have better ones but they need to go through the work machine first.

The Krazy Kat Klub, Washington DC

[Click for full size – the first picture is the only thing that’s inspired me to change my desktop in months.]

The Krazy Kat Klub – a bohemian hangout, in a treehouse, in Washington DC. These pictures are from 1921. In 1919 the Washington Post described it as, “something like a Greenwich Village coffee house, in an alley near Thomas Circle”. The building is still there, apparently.

Public Service Announcement

Sometimes I think to myself, Rachael, you’re not doing enough online. I mean, sure, I’m spending 70-80% of my life on the Internet, but is that really enough? Could I not be trying a little harder to push that stat up to something closer to the upper echelons of the 90s?

With that in mind, I’ve set myself up another little project. I’m doing a hair Tumblr – I figured hair is my bread and butter, and rather than clog this blog up with countless hair pictures that I don’t have much to say about, it would be a nice outlet.

So, if you’re into hair of any variety, take a look.

Uh Huh Hair

Out of Print Clothing makes Fitzgerald fangirl shirts

Not really trying to just rip off Twin, but she just posted this ace link to Out of Print Clothing, and I felt the need to share this Fitzgerald number. I think book t-shirts could happily be the new band t-shirts. I’d rather see people wearing Of Mice and Men shirts than faux-distressed Motorhead ones, it’s just funnier.

As a fully fledged Francis Scott Fanclub member (not really, that doesn’t exist), the Tales of the Jazz Age cover has always been one of my favourites. Not quite my number one though, that accolade goes to this:

Buying Christine’s clothes

Some of you may be aware that my right honourable Twin (check out her new website) earns a reputable living designing for the high street. I’d say pretty much anything nice on the high street is the result of her hard labour – weird to think her doodlings are hanging in the wardrobes of the world…

A little game I like to play (because I am a sad bastard) is, ‘what did Twin design?’

When Look magazine lands on my desk every week, or I take a stroll down the high street at lunch, I look out for anything I think Christine might have been responsible for. I never actually check with her (sad bastard, see above), but I definitely have it down pat. Having spent three years at uni pretty much working in tandem with her, and all the following years shopping/blogging/shooting with her, I’m pretty sure my eye is trained accurately.

This week I decided to put my talents to the test, after spying a frock in Peacocks that I had my eye on. One message later and… Sure enough, I was right. Conjoined thinking.

PS My collage is better than hers

PPS I have had this song in my head since I started thinking about this post, lulz!