Flower power makes you kind

Love the colours at Dior, such a slap in the face. Didn’t get the floral reference? There’s a giant orange flower motherfucker, breathe it in!

Beautiful ombre n tulle creation. Love the addition of that orange sash.

Wrapping cellophane around your head to look like a giant gift-wrapped fruit basket is the new obnoxious head piece. Actually, it’s a bit like a very delicate welder’s mask. Love the contrasting textures in this look.

Purple and red is such a winning combination and I love the handy branch belt too.

The dip-dyed hem on this dress is just perfect, sigh sigh sigh. Love the organic shapes in the hair. So sculptural but also completely weightless looking.

Work that snarl.

Such an insane eye for colour.

Colour block makeup still hanging around then? Nice graphic contrast against the floaty floaty shapes. Same with the cellophane-esque headpieces. Fragile but impenetrable is what I’d write if I was at college, or something like that.

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