Obsessed with Razza

There’s a lot of hate for the Aldridge family on the Internet, but I’m an out and proud supporter.

So they have lots of money and they spend it all on clothes? So do lots of people! If I had lots of money, I’d be spending like Daphne Guinness on a daily basis.

I guess lots of people don’t like their style either – what can I say? I’m a sucker for ostentatious 80s vintage. I’d rather see a ridic couture and rummage sale combo than a self-timer shot of an outfit comprised of the Primark sale rail and eight Lush bath bombs lined up on a duvet.

Woah! Where did that bile come from? There’s room here for all of us, Lush fans included. All I’m trying to say is that I love the Aldridges, but this week I discovered I wasn’t as big a fan as I thought.

Through some forgotten source, I read about Razza. Razza is an 80s costume jewellery brand that sums up the acronym ‘OTT’ like no other. When I saw my first bit of Razza, I immediately thought of the Aldridges because, well, my life revolves around the Internet.

Sure enough, a cursory search revealed that both mama and Jane Aldridge are fans of the label. Obv. They’re even selling it in their vintage store!

The most famous Razza range was the zodiac collection. Even as a proud Taurean, I have to concede that Capricorn is the best:

It looks like a black metal sacrifice – bad manicure aside.

Still, Taurus is pretty decent, although I’m not entirely sure if his face is supposed to look like this:

Like a weird sea sponge? I’m Also a fan of Virgo…

Of course all these pendants are about 4″ tall and on navel length chains… Perfect proportions. Despite the cost, Razza seems to pop up on eBay and Etsy pretty often so I now have a new thing to hunt for and fruitlessly add to my watch list, although the pieces do seem like the kind of thing you’d uncover on a good day at a car boot. A really good day.

Thanks Aldridges for introducing me to these creations… The weirdest and possibly most creepy element of all this is that my search for a jumbo gold tacky necklace came about because of a velvet and satin 80s dress I bought over Christmas that’s really similar to one I saw Jane blog about and I liked how she’d styled it. Hah! What a weirdo, huh? It’s time I got off the Internet…

PS This post goes out to West Croydon station, which has the best wireless internet on the entire ELL. It’s where I write 2/3 of my posts these days.

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