Bloody love Oklahoma


When I went to Manchester this weekend, Oklahoma in the Northern Quarter was one of the first shops I wanted to visit. It’s one of those shops that sells a bit of everything; lots of Kitsch Kitchen, weird independent jewelery and all sorts of weird imported stuff from India and China – priced up at about 10x cost, no doubt, but neato anyway.

As predicted, I bought a tonne of shit. First of all is the die-cut foil bunting from India. They had strips of girls, strips of boys and one precious boy/girl one hanging from the ceiling. Obv, I made them take it down. The blessed woman behind the counter spent about half an hour folding it up. Thanks lady, whoever you are!

We also picked up an oil cloth strip curtain, to add to our Mexican restaurant themed home. The colours are brilliant and it fits perfectly in this weird old door frame shaped hole that leads to our lounge. There’s nothing like pretending you live in a corner shop.

At Twin’s party I stole these garlands like the piky I am. They’re fresh from a buying trip to India and are supposed to hang in doorways. As our only real doorway is the one in to the flat, I thought they could tart up my beloved J Lynch.

Finally, a classic candle to join my ever-growing shrine of tat. The religious ephemera is now covering pretty much every corner of the house, and the new candle has taken its place next to the weird grey Mary I picked up in Las Vegas. Quick check: are there any embarrassing books on the shelf? You tell me.

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