Dozing off underneath my sheets

I’ll be enjoying the sun/food/art/beer/sites in Madrid in approx. one month’s time.

Any suggestions for food, drink, shopping, things to do gratefully received! I hear the vintage scene is pretty dismal, but if the markets are as full of religious ephemera as the rest of Spain, that’ll keep my shopping quota satisfied. ¬°Gracias!

4 thoughts on “Dozing off underneath my sheets

  1. I’m not sure we can help so much with the vintage shopping angle but our guide to Madrid ( has lots to recommend it – shopping is covered (some obvious, some delightfully obscure) and we’ve got the complete lowdown on best hotels, getaways, museums, culture etc… I’m guessing if you’re there for a month you’ll have lots of time to explore it all in your own time… have fun!

  2. Head to Bruin for amazing ice cream, it’s like an old fashioned parlour but with Blumenthal-esque flavours all made on premises..olive oil & tomato, or sherry for example. Plus it has gorgeous terrace going for it too!

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