Buying Christine’s clothes

Some of you may be aware that my right honourable Twin (check out her new website) earns a reputable living designing for the high street. I’d say pretty much anything nice on the high street is the result of her hard labour – weird to think her doodlings are hanging in the wardrobes of the world…

A little game I like to play (because I am a sad bastard) is, ‘what did Twin design?’

When Look magazine lands on my desk every week, or I take a stroll down the high street at lunch, I look out for anything I think Christine might have been responsible for. I never actually check with her (sad bastard, see above), but I definitely have it down pat. Having spent three years at uni pretty much working in tandem with her, and all the following years shopping/blogging/shooting with her, I’m pretty sure my eye is trained accurately.

This week I decided to put my talents to the test, after spying a frock in Peacocks that I had my eye on. One message later and… Sure enough, I was right. Conjoined thinking.

PS My collage is better than hers

PPS I have had this song in my head since I started thinking about this post, lulz!

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