Teddy girls in Oyster Magazine

I know absolutely everyone has seen Ken Russell’s Teddy Girl photos – Christ, I remember having a lecture on them at university so it must have been around for a while. Weirdly, the official site has disappeared – you can see some of the pictures on Hint Mag, although it seems to be difficult to find the whole set on one website. Anyone know what happened?

Anyway, on one of my rogue Internet searches today, I came across this modern day teddy girl shoot from the always-excellent Oyster magazine. Teddy girls in summer, of all things!

Despite this not being my personal style at all, all I can think about when I look at these editorials is cutting them out sticking them in my godforsaken learning journal — the ~inspiration diary~ that we had to keep throughout the third year of uni, which was actually the best thing ever, despite its lame-o name. You can’t argue with great styling, Gibson, you just can’t.


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