TIGI does Louise Goldin

Been at a hair do tonight – although I’m working on a fashion feature about the return of straight, I was ECSTATIC to see the Louise Goldin look recreated before my very eyes (above). Regular readers will be aware of my obsession for the Louise Goldin hair from last season – sulky teenager hair, all over one eye and slightly greasy on top. TIGI were the guys behind it, and spent tonight explaining how to get it. I took about 300 photos of the model’s hair and have been studying the lookbook since I got home.

But back to straight – I’m excited for its return. It’s time! Let’s do something new! I love Chloe-style waves and huge curls and big beehives – this isn’t new information. But when it comes to fashion looks, things need to change up seasonally. We’ve had about ten years of lovely bedhead curls, let’s do something different… The poker straight look they demonstrated (up top) was stunning in its simplicity, and I really, really hope this is one trend that makes the transition off the catwalks to the high street.

PS Sorry for the gloomy pics. I have better ones but they need to go through the work machine first.


2 thoughts on “TIGI does Louise Goldin

  1. Hi Rachael

    do you know anything of vision hairdressers off brick lane? thinking of booking an appointment and wondered if it was reccommended.

    Many thanks!

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