Obsessed with Hobbs NW3

It dawned on me this week that Hobbs is, perhaps, my favourite shop on the high street for summer. I want everything in there at the moment, which is always promising for a shop.

Hobbs markets itself as, ‘a quintessentially English look with a contemporary twist’, which might be enough to turn some people off straight away, but hang on in there. You could wear anything from Hobbs to Henley; you could probably wear it to Buckingham Palace. Your mum would love you wearing it. You wouldn’t find a gold sequined miniskirt in there, even if you wanted to. Again, this might be enough to make you back slowly away, but for me it just makes it even better.

There are loads of things in Hobbs I wouldn’t wear, at least while I’m still in my 20s, but I think most people would be pleasantly surprised at how wearable much of it is, and how much is surprisingly on-trend. And I’m not just talking about the much-celebrated, younger, NW3 range, excellent as it is. It’s getting on for that Mulberry sensibility, which is, in turn, starting to fill the Luella-shaped hole in the British fashion world.

Don’t take my word for it though…. here is my homage to Hobbs. Like Homage To Catalonia, but with less politics.

Some of the finest clogs on the high street, currently on sale…

A little Marc-esque blouse and fetching Sonia-esque knitwear…

Frocks a-go-go…

I am willing to pay more for quality fabric, well finished hems and flattering cuts. I love a sensible hem-length. I love you, Hobbs.


6 thoughts on “Obsessed with Hobbs NW3

  1. Like you say some of it is a bit more suited top women not in their 20s but i love the NW3 stuff. Sadly i don’t really have the cash (or the occasions) to wear it all for. Sorely tempted by loads of the NW3 stuff in the sale though.

    1. Yeah, actually when browsing the site to make this post, I saw far fewer things than when I was in the shop!

      I think it’s one of those shops where stuff looks 10x better IRL. I was wandering around the Covent Garden branch open-mouthed, the staff kept asking if I was OK, lol.

      The prices are a bit high, but it’s such great quality that I don’t really object. I’m definitely a big believer in buying one nice thing rather than a bunch of cheaper things – everything I’ve had from Topshop recently has shrunk in the wash!

      Anyway… the sale is great, things are on ASOS too which helps if there’s discount codes floating around…

  2. i LOVE hobbs. the jubilee place store is lovely, i always go in and enjoy feeling out of place (usually looking trampy and eyeing up very expensive handbags).

    ALSO i think i saw you outside new cross gate station last week?

      1. i was! you were! i also probably looked angry as i was waiting for a friend to come and meet me in order to feed me. i didn’t get the twitter unfortunately! i’m sorry i didn’t say hello THE INTERNET IS AWKWARD

      2. No worries, I was so determined to get home and watch Hollyoaks I wouldn’t have been good company. I liked your outfit!

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