Beauty and the beast: Liz Earle Perfume

My love of Liz Earle knows no bounds, as you are probably aware. I blog about it all the time. I feature it in features. I spend a lot of time lurking on forums, recommending it to unsuspecting teenage victims, like some kind of skincare groomer. It has often been said, I should get commission for my devotion to the brand.

After all this time and hard work, I was wondering when (or indeed if) the good people of Liz Earle would ever learn of my love. Lo and behold, last week they got in touch.

The lovely Liz Earle gang sent me a sample of both the Instant Skin Boost Tonic and the Skin Repair Light, as well as a very nice note. The excitement! As if by some kind of otherworldly madness, I also happened to go to the Modus press day last week, where I received the Liz Earle perfume in my goodie bag. What a week!

I shall, as is the nature of any honest beauty review, be giving the skincare products a four week trial before I review them fully. The perfume however… I can tell you about now. It is – unsurprisingly, I guess – incredibly fresh. The overwhelming note is citrus, but the 98% natural blend also contains notes of French lavender, damask rose from Turkey, Italian bergamot and Indonesian patchouli. Funny, when I did my perfume-making course with work last year, the blend I made was  lavender, rose and bergamot. Funny how just a couple of drops of something else can completely change the fragrance – my blend is very musky and SEXY, this one is lightweight, crisp and actually smells like a summer holiday somewhere hot.

More Liz Earle reportage to come when I’ve given the products a fair whack!

7 thoughts on “Beauty and the beast: Liz Earle Perfume

  1. I have used the instant skin boost tonic and I love it. Rose water has tended to be my toner of choice but have found ISBT better as it seems to work a bit harder at de-filthing and freshening skin while still having a light, non-drying feel and smelling good.

    Looking forward to getting a whiff of the perfume. Sounds good.

  2. Must admit I’ve never used a Liz Earle product and never really wanted to until recently – thought it as really mumsy for some reason.
    That said I’ve been hearing REALLY good things about the Skin Boost Tonic and decided to pick up a bottle… so far so good.

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