Hermes x I Love My Scarf

I love Andy’s grandpa and his lady friend, Val. They’re the kind of people that say, ‘ah well, the sun’s past the yardarm’, and pour you a G&T in the right glass at 5:30pm, and know about different forks and tell you stories about the war that are genuinely amazing. Val has been to every country in the world, except about four. What a hero!

The other week when we were visiting, Val told me she had something to show me – a gift that a friend had given her. As she opened the drawer, I let out a pathetic squeal; a tell-tale, orange box. She thought it was most amusing that I could tell what she was going to show me without even saying a word. This generous pal had bought her an incredible Hermes scarf, with a limited edition deco-ish print. Where do you get friends like that?

This year has been quite a grown-up year for me, in terms of shopping. I’ve (sort of) quit buying shit, opting instead for little and often quality buys. I mean, that’s not totally true, but I am getting increasingly less-interested in fast-fashion and more interested in investing. What a fucking geek.

I’m on the hunt now for a vintage Hermes scarf. I saw some lovely ones in Blondie – the upmarket Beyond Retro sister shop – but nothing that quite ticked the box. The hunt continues. For now, have you seen the Hermes I Love My Scarf project? Hundreds of girls from London, New York, Paris and Tokyo, wearing their scarves in different ways. It’s awesome, I recommend a dedicated 40 minutes mid-afternoon browse.

2 thoughts on “Hermes x I Love My Scarf

  1. Amazing amazing amazing. (re: the scarves)

    I’ve started doing the whole ‘buying less shit’ thing as well – helps that now I’ve moved to Canterbury I have no Primark. When I think about how much money I’ve blown in there on utter tat…sigh.

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