Obsessing over high-end luggage

Now I’m a high-flying business woman of the world – well, kinda – I’ve decided I need to up my luggage game. It’s not like I feel the need to compete or anything, it’s just my suitcase has cigarette burns in; the plastic frame has shattered inside so when I wheel it, it sounds like I have a bag of marbles in there; and also the slidey up and down handle is stuck in the ‘up’ position. I mean, yes it does the job, in terms of fitting things in, but I fo feel like I’m letting the side down, sartorially-speaking.

I’ve got my off-duty celebrity flying outfit sorted (mmm, comfort – and BTW we’re talking lookalikes, not real Wang), so now I need to get a suitcase that doesn’t say, ‘I’ve spent the past five years on a MegaBus’.

Unfortunately, it seems to be impossible to find a nice, smart suitcase. I don’t want black, I don’t want red, and I definitely don’t want a gross print. I’d like animal print, with gold, and possibly my initials.I don’t want it to retail at over a million pounds either, which seems to be the real problem. Obviously in a dream world, it’d be LV all the way, but, alas, we’re not living in a dream world.

Any ideas?

[Clockwise from top left: Tusting Encounter Leather Holdall; Bric’s Wheeled Holdall; Bric’s Weekend Carry-On; Louis Vuitton Pegase; Steamline Luggage; Aspinal Candy Case; Betsey Johnson Rosey Carry-On; Mulberry Medium Trolley]

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