Bit obsessed with the ASOS galaxy print dress

I really hope this ASOS dress doesn’t go live and then sell out during the time I’m on holiday… Galaxy-print Dress, £45, ASOS. Due in, any day now.

My new job, that’s not new anymore, entails lots of black tie events and award shows. While I’m definitely someone who always dresses up, rather than down, I don’t own much in the way of actual proper ‘evening wear’. It’s a tough thing to get right. You don’t want to look like a Monsoon bridesmaid, but you also have to actually dress up, in something that isn’t from Topshop. This weekend I found a perfect vintage black lace Louis Vuitton-esque, ballerina-length, full-skirted, swoonsome, perfect, magical gown at Beyond Retro. I need to post a picture when I have a minute (and lose approx 1cm from my waist, so I can comfortably drink beer and eat the trademark award show three-course dinner of tomato soup, lamb, and cheesecake in it), but I’m becoming obsessed with finding event-appropriate dresses. I think this ASOS number could be dressed up quite nicely for the more ‘casual’ lot of evening events… Also known as ‘hairdresser black tie’ – affectionately, of course.

While we’re talking ASOS, let’s take a moment to appreciate the most beautiful hair I’ve seen in time. Girl on the right, you are my motivation, my guiding light, my modern day Martha Streck…

7 thoughts on “Bit obsessed with the ASOS galaxy print dress

  1. i’m such a geek/stalker of this blog that when i opened up my obligatory Monday morning ASOS Style Notes email i thought of you when i saw that girl’s hair.

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