My Wardrobe x Mawi

My Wardobe has teamed up with Mawi to create an exclusive range of jewelry. Two of my favourite brands, skulls are involved, ostentation… what’s not to love? Think I’m gonna bag the ones on the left to complete my evening wear transformation. The skulls are the same as the one on my Mawi pony necklace – and speaking of which, take note that it’s not just earrings in the collaboration, there are also necklaces available. For some reason, the earrings remind me of everyone’s favourite ‘society drug addict’ Brenda Dean Paul;

Mean it in a good way! Dunno why, she just seems like a memento mori type – in her youth, anyway.

While we’re on the subject of My Wardrobe, they have just launched an exciting new online Style Surgery. Every Thursday between 3 and 4pm, there’s live chat with stylists on their Facebook page. Advice from the pros in real time – can’t be bad, eh? Just leave a comment on the page and someone will get back to you with advice and product picks. Like having a personal shopper, but from the comfort of your own desk/bed/sofa/terrace in Madrid…


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