Style icons: This is England ’86

Stumbling on to the tube at Heathrow on my way back home from Madrid, I spotted a poster for the new Shane Meadows Channel 4 series, This Is England ’86 – a four part drama, following up his hugely successful 2008 film, This Is England. I presume there’s been a million blog posts about the series already, seeing as it’s so visually amazing, but I just want to add my two cents. Pictures are quite hard to come by, and C4 have cleverly made it nigh on impossible to copy pictures from the site, but let’s do what we can.

Call it sleep deprivation, call it a sign ‘o the times, but I when I saw the poster [above] I honestly thought it was an advert for the upcoming new series of Skins. I mean… you can see why. Kids, haircuts, outfits… You could quite happily plonk that lot down in 2010 and no-one would bat an eyelid.

Kelly, played by Chanel Cresswell, is the most interesting for me. THAT HAIR! I’ve seen so many versions of this look in the last six months; both the colour and the length – less so the rat tail, although I can report that’s still going strong in España. Lol, our leading lady, played by Vicky McClure continues to demonstrate one of the finest peroxide crops on the planet. Full marks. I also like that she gets married in a Fred Perry suit.

Watch a preview trailer here, and tune in on Channel 4 this Tuesday for the first episode.


3 thoughts on “Style icons: This is England ’86

  1. cannot wait to see this! It was mainly filmed in Sheffield you know? We saw them all one night in The Stag on Psalter Lane – looking a bit out of place!

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