Beauty and the beast: Liz Earle Haircare

Excitingly, a couple of weeks ago I was invited to a special event, launching the Liz Earle haircare range.

I don’t need to tell you how much I love Liz Earle skincare (you can read about that here, here and here), but I have to admit to being sceptical about a haircare range. Nothing to do with Liz Earle – more the fact that natural and sulfate-free haircare never tends to do me any favours.

Sulfate in shampoo really only serves to make it froth, but being as we humans are creatures of a tactile nature, if our hair products don’t foam up, we assume they’re crap. Sulfates aren’t great for sensitive skin and scalps [yo, don’t forget you have SKIN on your HEAD], and many people like to avoid them altogether. That said, many sulfate-free products leave coloured hair stripped, and looking dry and dull, so you understand my fear.

The launch itself was rather exciting; a bunch of bloggers, tended to lovingly in the back of the Liz Earle flagship store on the King’s Road. Once preliminary iPhone snaps had been taken, we were told that the products had been six years in the making – with 20,000 Liz Earle customers providing research into what they wanted to see, some writing reams of extra information on the back of the questionnaires. It’s not easy to balance all the brand’s beliefs into a product that works really well – particularly when the brand in question has such a cult following. If this didn’t work as well as Cleanse and Polish, I know I’d be disappointed.

SO, what of the products? There’s one shampoo, and three conditioners; echoing the skincare range. One Cleanse and Polish for all [does that sound like a cultish mantra?], then a relevant moisturiser for your skin type. Now it’s one shampoo for all, one of the three conditioners for your hair type – oily, dry and normal. As someone who earns a living writing about hair products, I have to confess that – again – I was a bit sceptical about that. Could one shampoo really work its magic on my dry, coarse, curly, coloured, heat-treated hair – and on someone with silky, fine, limp hair??

Lo and behold; I was impressed. SURPRISE. The best way to get good results on the shampoo is to follow this sneaky method; get your hair really, really wet. Get your hands wet. Blob some shampoo into your palms, and rub together as if you’re washing your hands. Then lather it on. First thoughts; smells great, and after rinsing, my hair felt normal. Usually post-shampoo, pre-conditioner, my hair feels gross, its coarseness coming in to full effect. I used the conditioner for dry hair, and again, it left my hair feeling good. Honest! Smooth, and I could actually get my hands through – usually even my special ~shower comb~ pulls half my hair out. My hair was left, foreal, shiny, soft and magically healthy looking. Like how clean your face gets after C+P.

It’s definitely best sulfate-free hair range I’ve ever used, and over the course of my holidays in the hot, hot, sun, it’s kept my hair looking genuinely tops – colour included.

You can buy the range here, for a very reasonable £7.50 each. And you can read more about what goes in to the products, here!

Thanks for inviting me Liz Earle HQ (and thank Liz Earle for dropping in and making my day)!

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