Cheery ol’ Cath Kidston iPhone covers

If I ever tire of my phone case [unlikely I know, although I did have an actual nightmare last night that all the crystals fell off lol], the Cath Kidston London scene you see above would be my choice of replacement. I ruddy love the Cath Kidston London print; it’s almost as good as the cowboy one.

Alas, the covers above only appear to be available for the iPhone4, so until I get a free upgrade or something I’ll just have to admire from afar. They’re available next month, for those of you who are more technologically advanced than me.

2 thoughts on “Cheery ol’ Cath Kidston iPhone covers

  1. This is the best news EVER! When I got my iPhone, I nearly debated getting the 3gs just so I could have a CK case, but I decided to go for the newer model and pray that they would eventually bring some out. My waiting has paid off! Now to decide which one to get…

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