Autumn breeze, a spring tease

Like what you see? Guess what? It’s from Next. Yep yep yep, new season Next is amazing, and to celebrate, I’ve teamed up with them to make a special shop, where you can buy my picks of the bunch. As I have such a discerning eye for style, you’ll be able to get your mitts on things like the delightful aviator jacket you see above, the insane studded boots in that bottom picture and much more. Swit swoo!

If I had a shop IRL, it would sell exclusively girl group vinyl, probably some vintage clothes that I’d never want to actually part with, and maybe pizza and beer. It would no doubt be fun, but I imagine I’d be too lazy to ever open it before lunchtime and I’d probably just sit around making Spotify playlists and not taking care of things like overheads and health and safety bylaws. The bonus of an internet shop is that none of these things have to worry you.

Anyway, stay tuned for the launch of my Next shop – it’ll be popping up here at 9am on Monday morning.

2 thoughts on “Autumn breeze, a spring tease

  1. Next are so hot right now, keep cycling past their window in Manchester, look good….can’t get over working in the warehouse there as a teen though (ice cube soundtrack & asain rudeboys brap)

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