Spring/Summer 2011: London highlights

London Fashion Week is flying by, and I’ve spent the last few days divvying up time between my mum (happy belated 60th!) and getting around the shows. The highlight so far has been sharing breathing space with Mr John Galliano at Fashion Fringe. We stood side by side for a few precious moments, as I scarfed some Wagamama scran – that’s what I call party food. Anyway, tonight is more of the same, so here is a pitiful trio of favourites so far;

Betty Jackson… I know, right? It’s just this sunflower print, really. So lovely, so summer, so mum’s recycled bedsheets from the 70s that are always so much softer than new ones. The whole look actually reminds me of my childhood doll, Miss Muffet. Can’t believe I’m about to share this, but she was a sponge (SHUT UP) covered with a vintage tablecloth fabric from my mum’s student years. Obviously there was a doll face sewn on too and hands, but that print is really similar. This all makes me sound like a weird child who played with sponges, but honestly, it was just the padding. I’m not weird.

Love the top knots at Sass and Bide, love the fringing, and love the tasty peachy, pink fizz palette.

Where to begin? The hair is amazing, the nails were too, and the collection appeals to the seventies disco obsessive within (and without). Mmm flares and crop top. Topshop just keep getting better and better and better. When will this be in store please?


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