Heavy Metal Travel Guide gives Oslo the thumbs up

This week something very strange happened; I won a trip to Norway! There I was, enjoying Jo Fairley’s speech at the latest Schwarzkopf launch; next thing I know, my name is plucked from a hat and I’m winging my way to Oslo. I’ve never won anything before in my life (well, except pub quizzes, which is more a confirmation of my vast existing knowledge), so I am MEGA excited.

We’re going in December, when it is going to be fucking freezing, fucking dark, and hopefully, fucking snowy. I am particularly excited to be given the opportunity to live out my True Norwegian Black Metal fantasies, after having received the book as a treasured gift once upon a time from Mr Fur Coat.

In fact, feeling in a kind of metal mood, I started to Google ‘metal bars Oslo’ and, LO AND BEHOLD;

Heavy Metal Holidays

Metal Travel Guide

That’s right, two websites dedicated to tourists of a metal frame of mind. Bars, shops, hang-outs… they cover the lot. How did I not know these existed?? Forget SuperFutures, I shall now be running all holiday destinations through these bad boys.

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