Beauty and the Beast: Moroccanoil vanity case

As anyone who has the misfortune to follow me on Twitter will be aware, the past week has been spent in a sleep-deprived stupor at Salon International, the hair and beauty exhibition which my company is behind. I went a little stir crazy in the confines of ExCel at times, no doubt hindered further by the lack of food, big shoes, and copious champagne which is a vital part of any trade show. It’s an amazing place though, and if you have any interest in hair and beauty you really owe it to yourself to be there in 2011. The biggest hairdressing names in the industry, trade products at trade prices (I bought so many hair donuts and rolls I need my own kit), tans and nails… it’s like heaven on earth.

Anyway, I’ve just about recovered – although my feet are still covered in an inch thick layer of dead skin – and the whole point of this post is to thank my pals at Moroccanoil for fixing me up with this enormous train/vanity case of goodies. SWEET. If you haven’t tried Moroccanoil yet, you must. Kristina introduced it to me last year, and it has been a vital part of my life ever since. Without straying too far in to advertorial territory, it is the shit. If your hair is thick, curly, dry, colour processed, relaxed, permed, or in any way knackered; oil will sort you out. And much like facial oil, don’t freak out that it’ll make your hair feel gross. All it does is make your barnet soft, shiny, and altogether rejuvenated. Like the virgin hair they use in extensions, but better. And not from a suspect source.

One thought on “Beauty and the Beast: Moroccanoil vanity case

  1. Ask An Expert:
    Ok, so just read your post about facial oil and was wondering if you could recommend any cheaper ones? The Nude one sounds delicious but is a bit outside my budget…
    Thanks! x

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