Snow queen boots at New Look

Bought myself these woolly boots from New Look today – thought they might be appropriate for the whole ~snow queen~ look I’m going for on our trip to Oslo. It’s about as close to the shearling trend as I’m willing to get. Toasty! For reasons I can’t fathom, they’re not available online. They were £24.99 though, and come in this tan shade, chestnutty brown, and black.

There were some other boots I wanted as well…

When I showed them to Isabelle, she said [and I quote]:

@furcoat Srs? They’re really Mariah Carey circa All I Want For Christmas, although that’s not entirely bad.

‘Not entirely bad’ is right; they’re entirely good. I will be Mariah once these white and woolly booties are on my feet. If you have as much taste as me, you can get them at New Look for a mere £30.

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