Treats from Thom Browne in new womenswear collection

I loved the embroidered detailing on Thom Browne’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection, so it’s an extra treat to see it making an appearance on his first proper womenswear line.

The new collection features lots of plaid and stripes, in an all-American(a) palette of red, blue, and white. I also sense a bit of Brit influence, with those Regatta-esque blazers and pearls.

Have a bit of an issue with pearls – obviously as a 20s nut I love them in that context, but more often than not these days, they’re worn with fishnet tights and pointy toed shoes and a Karen Millen dress, in a Trinny and Susannah-inspired ~sexy~ outfit. Humph. Anyway – they look good here, and I think the extreme length is key. One to think about, although it is remarkably impractical.

The embroidery receives an update for the women’s line – the original men’s collection featured sharks and fish, whereas this time it’s mermaids. Cute.

As I plough on through Mad Men, can’t help but feel this is a bit Betty on acid, perhaps at the golf club? Don’t think I’ve ever seen any golf on the show yet, but let’s just pretend.  Mmmm that plasticy cotton plaid jacket. So tasty, I could eat it right up.



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