Any Human Heart is coming soon omg

The Channel 4 adaptation of William Boyd’s brilliant Any Human Heart is due to start this month, and aside from The Wire and Mad Men (and the new Alan Partridge show)… I don’t think I’ve been so excited about a TV show in a long time. So excited, in fact, that I risked being pushed on the track at St Pancras to take this picture when I saw the advert.

I wish I could say that I’ve loved the book for years, but the truth is I only read it for the first time last month. I don’t know how it never appeared on my radar before; it’s right up my street – and I don’t just mean because it is quite 20s-heavy. It’s also 30s heavy, 40s heavy, 50s heavy… You basically get the entire 20th century through the eyes of one sex-obsessed, slightly unhinged author.

It’s a brilliant story, and you still have time to read it before the show starts on November 21. I suggest you do. Logan Mountstuart is a fascinating man…

Here’s the trailer;


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