Style icon: Betty Draper horseriding

I wasn’t really planning on writing another Mad Men post quite so soon after my last, but I am currently internet-less (I KNOW) and TV-less, and while it sucks dogs for quarters, it also means I am pretty much ploughing through my boxset.

Betty Draper; discuss. I’ve done a total 180, and now hate her quite passionately. Still, there’s no denying she looks good while being evil.

Her frou-frou party dresses and booze-stained house frocks certainly have a place, but my favourite Betty looks this season have definitely been when she’s down at the stables. Without giving anything away, Betty spends a lot of time with the horses at the start of the series, and, as with anything she does, she always has the perfect oufit for the scene.

Equestrian gear is a no-brainer anyway, but there’s something about a prim (outwardly at least) 60s housewife riding at a swanky country club that just results in a perfect look. In the Luella book (which is next on my list of things to blog about when I get a second, and Internet access), Ms Bartley talks about how a hacking jacket is one of her wardrobe essentials. I concur. I have two, and would like more.

The tweedy, country show look never goes out of style, particularly when matched with an Hermes scarf and velvet helmet. Note: check out that perfect bun. Other points of note; camel, leather gloves, pearls…

It’s such a perfect head-to-toe look, and almost makes me wish I’d been interested in riding as a child. Such a demure activity. I’d love to be one of those types that goes hacking in Hyde Park now, especially dressed like this.

These fabulous pictures are from my favourite fabulous blog; Project Rungay. Yup.

5 thoughts on “Style icon: Betty Draper horseriding

  1. SO glad to see that you now hate the vile, callous and spoilt brat Betty. I’ve never liked her, and always sided with Don even though he treats her like the limp fish she is. Very glad that there’s not very much of her in the new season.
    And am also rather disinterested by the way she dresses – I much prefer Peggy. I generally just love Peggy.

    1. lol I think to start with I just felt sorry for Peggy, but after about episode 4 I did realise she was EVIL. I do like her preppy style though, I can’t deny it. Peggy, however, is the shit. Best character on the show by a country mile – ponytail and all.

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