New Look Spring/Summer 2011 – A Sneaky Peek

Along with the rest of the fashion world, today I trooped along to New Look’s Spring/Summer 2011 press day. I’m not just saying this, but it does seem to be one of the better press events; good atmosphere (amazing music), nice people, photos encouraged, tasty snacks (unless you don’t like mushrooms), and just a general air of friendliness. THANKS NEW LOOK!

On to the spring/summer launches, anyway.

Before we get to New Look’s fashion for the new season, just a couple of accessories which caught my eye. We all know New Look do the best shoes on the high street, and amongst the summery wedges and brogues, I spied these top-hole canvas and tan leather lace-ups. Pretty much Jordan Baker in one 2011 shoe.

I also liked this framed handbag, which seems to perpetuate the enduring love affair with preppy, granny-ish bags – while also matching my new summer shoes rather nicely. This bag isn’t shown to scale, btw, it’s enormous – the perfect work bag, I’d hazard.

I’ll start as I mean to go on, with an outfit that predictably is right up my street. The 50s Americana look is always a winner in the summer months – how could it not be? – and this printed shirtwaister dress feels like the kind of vintage buy you fantasise about finding, but never do. The acid-wash pastel pink denim jacket brings the outfit up to date for a look that I’d pretty much wear verbatim, as it were.

As all good fashion observers are aware, the 1970s is the trend we will be slavishly following come S/S11. I’m a big fan of the 70s so that’s fine by me, but lest we forget that the 1930s were an enormous influence on the era. And we all know that the 1930s is basically an extension of my favourite era, just a few years before. The heavy-lidded makeup, the maxi dresses, the ~ethnic~ kaftans and turbans, the palazzo pants, the jewel tones… Where was I?

Aight so although the 70s are what we’re looking at predominantly for spring/summer, there’s still a hint of the Bright Young Thing messing about on the Riviera sneaking its way in. As demonstrated by this midi skirt and blousy puff-sleeve shirt. I love the lace inserts – only question is, what colour should I dye this skirt when I inevitably buy it? Nude tones look awful on me.

I am obsessed with these kind of lacy, heavily sequinned tops. What are you supposed to wear with them when you don’t wear trousers? I will deal with this problem though, because that white one at the top with a big old exposed silver zip is all kinds of perfect. I even made a special circle zoom. I hope the sequins and crystals aren’t watered down too much for retail, because this was really spangly and glittering. Scallop shapes. Flappers. Deco shapes. Cream, gold, and shrimp pink. Very 1930s etc. broken record etc. I know etc.

This top just caught my eye because it was so bright. I love a cartoon print when it’s done right, and these scribbly dots are perfect. I find grown-up silk tops quite difficult to fit in to my wardrobe, but I could see this working with a lot of my existing outfits.

The Cassandra prize goes to this gold lurex skirt, which I have already built several outfits around. OK, so it’s not Iso’s skirt of dreams, but it could well become my very own version. Again, it’s got a bit of a 1970s feel, but the knife pleating and showgirl feel of the fabric definitely have a late 20s vibe.

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