Colour photos of America during the Great Depression

I don’t like the 1930s as much as I like the 1920s* (OBV), but credit where credit’s due; these pictures of rural and small town America during the Great Depression are pretty incredible. Taken between 1939 and 1943 by photographers of the Farm Security Administration and Office of War Information, they are apparently some of the only colour photographs taken of rural America at the time.

You can see the entire collection here, but I’ve picked out some of my favourites. It’s weird to say ‘favourites’ when referring to pictures of people suffering great pain, misery and racial segregation, but, uh hopefully you know what I mean. Amazing images.

*Exception to the rule = anything by Steinbeck, who despite all the years of scholarly intervention, I still love madly and passionately. Except The Red Pony, which is utterly awful.


One thought on “Colour photos of America during the Great Depression

  1. Hi there, would it be possible to use the first photo and the third?
    I dont use photos without asking permission. I am just a beginner student, dont exhibit or sell my works.

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