Paperchase takes on McQueen with skull-print laptop sleeve

I spied this skull-print laptop sleeve in Paperchase months ago – it was actually during fashion week, when I was shopping for last minute pens – but for some reason, chose not to buy it. Perhaps it was because for a rogue moment there I thought I could afford the Alexander McQueen version. Anyway, I spent two months ruing my foolhardy decision – for some reason, it vanished from Paperchase entirely, and although notepads and iPhone cases in the same skellington print appeared, the laptop sleeve was nowhere to be seen. WOAH IS ME.

Anyway, last week I was Christmas shopping, and there it was. I couldn’t be happier, and my next stop is going to be to bedazzle all the white skulls with crystals, just so people at work take me even less seriously than they do already.

PS As well as WordPress’s free-for-December snow feature, I shall endeavor to use my own special effect ON EVERY PICTURE FOR THE NEXT MONTH.


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