Big pink furry jacket

As Twitter followers may be aware, I spent today on the hunt for sensible footwear. I had planned to go to Snow + Rock, but the furry boots I had my heart set on were nowhere to be seen. Every other ‘outdoorsy’ shop I went in was shit, so I got over it by buying this.

Just in case you can’t make it out, it’s a a Pepto Bismal/blancmange shade of pink, with contrasting black and pink crcohet detail. The shoulder pads are so wide I look like an inverted triangle. It is furry. It’s a bit Chanel tweed jacket inspired in shape. In its own sweet, sick way, it nails the chubby trend and the ultra-faux fur look. It’s everything I hoped for and more, and I don’t care how hideous anyone else may think it is. In fact, I look forward to seeing how badly it goes down in the office.

And as for the footwear? Well, I ended up going on ASOS when I got home and getting some Fairisle knit Snowjoggers, so all’s well that ends well.

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