New Look Spring/Summer 2011 press day pictures

I’ve already shared a few of my favourite bits from the New Look Spring/Summer 2011 press day, but I just found the image CD which I thought I’d lost, so here are a few more. It’s a double-edged sword looking at these. Equal partsĀ  mmmm summer, mmmm colours, mmmmmm warm air and brrrrrr I’ve got a long cold winter of hibernating ahead of me. Ho hum.

Neon lace has the potential to be horrendous, but this top takes Christopher Kane’s Princess Margaret on acid look and makes it wearable for the high street. I love how it’s been styled with the pink pedal pushers, and obviously the red belt is the cherry on tip. Pink and red! Ah! Has there ever been a nicer colour combination?

I featured this blouse in my round-up – and you can see a close up of that scribbly print here – but here’s a look at how New Look decided to style it. I think I’d probably wear it with something more obnoxious, but these camel chinos are a no-brainer, especially when you take in the candy striped wedges too. Swit swoo!

Mmm-mmm, a candy coloured twinset. Doesn’t get much better than that. A little bit Clueless, a little bit Coco going to Ice T’s celebrity golf tournament. All good things.

I know a lot of people aren’t interested in the 70s trend, and I do understand some anticipation – after all, this trend is all about luxe fabrics and lovely draping, neither of which are things the high street are particularly famed for. Still, as a massive fucking hippy who revels in floor-length skirts and tie-dye, I am all over it like a bad rash.

This Louis Vuitton-esque pyjama-style jumpsuit would probably only look good on someone at least one foot taller than me, but I love the print – it reminds me of my step-dad’s smoking jacket-ish dressing gown. Imagine this with a turban!! Fuck yeah! Speaking of which, note to self, I will photograph my beloved emerald velvet turban this week.

I think I posted this bag and shoes combo before, but I am a big fan, so here goes again. Makes me think (obviously – and I think I may have made this point too) of The Great Gatsby’s golfing legend, Jordan Baker;

Cream and tan is such a winning combination, particularly when it’s canvas and leather. Such a sporty, springy combo. I gotta feeling (token BEP reference) that those canvas shoes will be the new crepe sole wedge that me, Isabelle, and the rest of the fashion world lived in this summer.

…And then, for those days when you want to look like Princess Margaret on acid, or perhaps Babe Paley. Nothing like pastels combined with neons combined with gold combined with rafia. UNF UNF UNF.

OK, that’ll do for now. I’m daydreaming about wearing this acid green cocktail dress I got years ago, but lest we forget, it’s sub-zero outside. Sigh.

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